Streamer Promotion

The "NOW LIVE" role is now automatically given to you if you meet the following criteria when streaming on Twitch:

  1. Have your stream attached to Discord

  2. Game set to "Grand Theft Auto V" or "GTA Online"

  3. Have "KTG" somewhere in the title.

It will automatically put a message in #streamer-promo advertising your stream and give you the "NOW LIVE" role.


  1. Check Stream Title and Game:

    • Confirm that your Twitch stream has "KTG" somewhere in the title.

    • Ensure that the game you're playing on Twitch is set to "Grand Theft Auto V" or "GTA Online" as required.

  2. Refresh Discord Integration:

    • Go to your Discord settings.

    • Disconnect and reconnect your Twitch account under the Connections tab.

    • Recheck the integration settings to make sure everything is properly configured.

  3. Update Discord Presence:

    • Manually update your Discord presence by closing and reopening the Discord client or refreshing it.

    • Make sure discord streamer mode is enabled to ensure Twitch is recognised.

  4. Community Support:

    • Reach out to the community or server moderators for assistance. They may be able to provide insights or better understanding regarding the issue.

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