Discord Rules

Exploring Koala Tea Gaming's Discord rules?

Social Rules

  1. Respect – Don’t be disrespectful. Use appropriate language, any form of racial, homophobic, sexist or discriminatory language cancer, suicide or sexually violent conversations or jokes will not be tolerated.

  2. No text spamming in the text channels, no mic spamming in the voice channels. This will see you muted and/or removed from Discord.

  3. Personal Information – We Don’t take responsibility for your mistakes. Ensure you take your own steps to protect your privacy and personal information when engaging in or outside of RP. Don't post someone's personal information without permission.

  4. Concerns/Issues – Keep it out of the game take it to Discord, Bring it to admins, keep it civil and make it a conversation, not an argument.

  5. Advertising – We are happy for you to share your Twitch or other social media platforms at your own expense. Just do not share your own server!

  6. Staff – YOU MUST listen to staff at all times DO NOT abuse them or pretend to be staff yourself.

  7. Please do not @ the Admin, Moderator or Developer tag, remember Devs are here to work on the server not answer questions or to receive your suggestions or criticisms all day if you have a question ask an Admin to pass it on. (Tagging an individual admin is fine not the whole team at once)

  8. While we do not have an age restriction we do ask that you are mature.

  9. If you are asked to use push to talk or change your voice sensitivity do so no one wants to hear your background noise.

  10. Keep the conversation in English only, please.

  11. Use the appropriate channels for posting specific things and follow individual channel rules which can be found at the top of each channel.

  12. Please do not constantly tag people this is not your personal chat room.

Rules are subject to change at Admin discretion at any time. Last Updated 16th FEB20

Discord Create Coms Command

.createcomms <userlimit>. It will create a voice channel for you under the category of IngameVoice with the set user limit. Make sure you join it within 10secs or it will be deleted. If the channel empties, it will be deleted. Usable in bot-commands. These channels can be used in relation to rule 2 regarding radios.

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