How to Connect

Now that you've got FiveM up and running, it's time to assist you in getting connected to KTG for your first experience!

Discord Verification

  1. If you haven't already, join the Koala Tea Gaming Discord server.

  2. Go to the #name-change text channel.

  3. Follow the steps to set up your name, Ingame Name [Steam Name] then click the Koala react to gain access to the rest of the Discord.

Connect to the Server

Once you have installed FiveM, you can now connect to the server! There are three ways to connect:

  • By connect URL

  • By console command (easiest)

  • By FiveM server browser

Connect By URL

  1. Click the following link:

  2. Click "Open FiveM" on the browser pop-up.

Connect By Console Command

  1. Open FiveM.

  2. Open the FiveM console using the F8 key.

  3. Type connect and press enter.

Connect By FiveM Server Browser

  1. Open the FiveM Server Browser (you can also access this browser in the FiveM application).

  2. Serach for Koala Tea Gaming.

  3. Select Koala Tea Gaming from the results.

  4. Click the CONNECT button.

  5. If your using the FiveM Server Browser in Chrome, you might need to confirm with Open FiveM.

Well done! You should now be connecting to Koala Tea Gaming.

Frequently Asked Connection Questions

Failed to connect server due to steam?

Make sure you have steam open before you launch FiveM or you will need to close FiveM and reconnect.

  1. Close FiveM Application

  2. Close Steam Application

  3. Open Steam Application

  4. Open FiveM Application

  5. Connect to Koala Tea Gaming

Discord not linked to FiveM?

Follow the below steps to link re-link your Discord to FiveM

  1. Close FiveM

  2. Open Discord

  3. Click Settings in Discord

  4. Look for FiveM

  5. Open FiveM and you should be prompted to re-authorise your Discord with FiveM

If the above steps DO NOT work please try the below
  1. Uninstall Discord

  2. Open Run by pressing your Windows Key + R

  3. Find the Discord folder

  4. Delete it

  5. Reinstall Discord

  6. Launch FiveM. It should prompt you to link your discord again

  7. You should now be able to join the server

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