Location Guide

Seeking guidance on server locations? Take a look at the following page for a location guide.

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Service NSW

Don't want to get into trouble with the police for not having a driver's license? Head on down to Service NSW to get your car, bike, truck license, weapons license & hunting license, also talk with the Service NSW staff to get your vehicle registered.

Premium Deluxe Motorsport

Want your dream car? Check out our wide range of cars down at PDM!

Court House

Do you have the ability to change your number plate? Head to the courthouse and use your ALT on the person standing at the door. NOTE: Vehicles must be stored in a PUBLIC garage!

Pussy Repairs & Towing

Are you broken down or need a fast repair? Pussy Repairs & Towing is here to help, send them a text if they are around to get road side repairs or go down to the shop to buy repair kits off their best worker Pete.


There are a number of hospitals around the city those being the following: - Sydney Hospital - Campbelltown [#179] - Zonah Hospital - Tamarama [#507] - Ku-Ring-Gai Hospital - Ku-Ring-Gai [#1023] - Newcastle Hospital - Newcastle [#3011 - 3015]

Police Stations

There are a number of police stations around the city those being the following: - Mission Row Police Department - Mission Row [#217] - Wetherill Park Police Department - Wetherill Park [#167] - Roseberry Police Department - Roseberry [#592] - Ku-Ring-Gai Police Department - Ku-Ring-Gai [#1029] - Newcastle Police Department - Newcastle [#3005]


There are a number of 7/11s around the city those being the following: - Innocence Boulevard, Blacktown [#125] - Clinton Avenue, Roseberry [#574] - Barbareno Road, Cronulla [#905] - Ineseno Road, Blue Mountains National Park [#804 - 803] - M4, Tataviam Mountains [#402] - Route 68, Harmony [#928] - M7, Sydney Desert [#957] - Niland Avenue and Alhambra Drive, Ku-Ring-Gai [#1036] - M7, Wollemi National Park [#3030] - Ginger Street and Lindsay Circus, Hurstville [#366] - Grove Street and South Sydney Road, Bankstown [#120] - West Mirror Drive and Mirror Park Boulevard, Mirror Park [#411] - North Centennial Drive and National Park Drive, Richman Glen [#817] - Newcastle Blvd, Newcastle [#3025]

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