Server Rules

Exploring Koala Tea Gaming's server rules? Below are the rules for Koala Tea Gaming FiveM GTA RP Server

Server Rules

RP = Roleplay OOC = Out of character KTG = Koala Tea Gaming

This is Sydney New South Wales Australia - your RP should reflect that of what would happen in Australia. Why yes we understand this is a game some of the things that happen do not directly reflect Australian behaviour like constant robberies etc but we do ask that think about where the city is based when RPing.

We ask that you use your mouth hole instead of shooting each other constantly; this is RP, not GTA online.

Breaking any of these rules can result in Verbal Warnings, Strikes, Temporary Bans, or Permanent Bans.

Key Rules for Koala Tea Gaming

Additional details can be found in the main rules section below.

  • NO robbing players with less than 3 Police on.

  • All Hospitals, Police stations, Prisons, Army bases, Court & Fire stations are safe zones which means no hostile RP at all in and around. (Even if no physical safe zone is applied)

  • We ask that you don’t rob new players & offer them as much help as possible.

  • No robbing/hostage taking on all clean job sites. This includes all steps included for processing or selling in relation to clean jobs including trucking.

  • Not including player run/created businesses eg-Vanilla unicorn.

  • No Scamming.

  • Blatant combat logging can result in a 24hr ban.

  • OOC chat in the city can result in a 24hr ban.

1. Respect

  • Do not be disrespectful. Use appropriate language, any form of racial, homophobic, sexist, discriminatory language, hate speech, bullying, suicide or sexually violent roleplay will not be tolerated.

  • You are expected to uphold a respectful manner towards fellow community members within and outside of the server. Abuse in Discord DMs stemming from the server can result in punishment.

  • DO NOT leak another person/s private information and DO NOT breach another person/s privacy. Sharing IRL names or pictures of anyone without their consent is bannable.

  • Koala Tea Gaming will not be held liable for your own personal actions towards another player or community.

2. Communication

  • You MUST have a working microphone in order to play here. All forms of communication shall remain in English. This includes voice chat, Twitter & Discord.

  • If using a Radio you must have the radio item (From 24/7) If you have your comms confiscated (YOU MUST physically hand over radios and phone do not rely on /do).

  • Koala Tea Gaming reserves the right to not provide feedback or retract strikes or bans from players.

  • Any issues, concerns, feedback please create a support ticket.

3. Staff

  • DO NOT use staff time on the server to ask about OOC (Out of character) questions.

  • DO NOT pretend to be staff at any time.

  • DO NOT private message developers, admin or moderators outside of the server discord about server issues you will need to place a support ticket in the appropriate discord channel. Any messages received will more than likely be ignored.

  • Please understand while we appreciate you want to help protect the server can you please make sure you are reporting issues and not taking them into your own hands ie chasing someone down to down them just to tell them they broke a rule is not helpful as you then broke one too.

  • If you are unhappy with the treatment you received from the staff create a support ticket.

  • Staff are not always available but will be with you when they can.

4. Police Numbers/Emergency Services

  • You must not rob or steal from any player or player-owned vehicle when there are less than 3 police on duty. Please be mindful of new players in the city stealing from them when they are just starting out can be damaging for the server as a whole.

  • Ambo Hostage requires at least 6 Ambos on duty.

  • Police Hostage requires at least 6 Police on duty.

  • Shooting Police and Ambos should be an absolute last resort option you should be taking into consideration how much trouble you would get in for potentially killing an Emergency services worker. The city requires Police officers to keep it running, To do a criminal activity you need Police. Find a way to advance your RP with Police where you don't need to down them every time.

  • Please avoid robbing banks 15 minutes before/after a restart, This allows people to get on duty and ready for an RP

  • A cap of 6 may participate in all heists and robberies (To match the friend group hostile RP ruling of set 6)

  • Different robberies require a different number of Police needed you will need to find this out in RP.

  • If you choose to steal an emergency vehicle or uniform it must be for a good reason that you have already thought out not just for fun. Uniform must be used in that 24hr period for that one RP and not again. Uniforms cannot be stolen from inside the Police station/hospital and must be taken off an alive officer/paramedic. Same goes for all Gang clothing items it must be taken off an alive member who you have held up or taken hostage. Must be used within 24 hours.

  • Riots are not permitted unless Admin approved.

5. Breaking Character

  • Will not be tolerated Please remain in character at all times (This includes Voice chat & Twitter).

  • In character means you are acting as your character. You are in NSW taking it in through the eyes, ears & mind of your character, You are the character you created your behaviours interactions should reflect your character’s behaviour and mannerisms, not yourself personally.

  • Out of character refers to responses to people as yourself. (This is breaking character and is considered FailRP).

  • If you are involved in a scenario where the other party breaks character YOU MUST continue on to finish the RP & NOT break character yourself. Report when done.

  • We have no OOC chat feature in our server so you will need to RP and find certain things out some things may be able to be asked in Koala Tea discord but most things will need to be found out in RP. Do not use Twitter just to ask a question OOC find an RP way to do so.

6. Trolling

Will not be tolerated in the following forms:

  • RDM (Random Deathmatch is when you attack or kill another player without a reason or RP behind it).

  • Attacking a player for no reason ie: punching someone without any RP interaction

  • Shooting at a group of people without any interaction or reason is RDM

  • When attacking someone please make it clear who you are and why you are attacking otherwise this looks like RDM.

  • Interjecting into any RP to “Save” someone you don’t know or have any reason to know what’s happening.

  • VDM – We do not accept running over players as RP in KTG if you are being shot out (While moving) your priority should be getting away or shooting back (Vehicle Deathmatch is when you use your vehicle as a weapon against another player) Please remember when ramming another vehicle you would also be hurt in the process.

  • Desync is a thing please be mindful but its not an excuse to get away with VDM.

  • Be mindful of your RP consequences driving fast and causing an accident is RP, Running around on the road and getting hit is an RP accident do not claim VDM.

  • Cop baiting- Intentionally drawing attention from Police because you are bored and want to have a police chase or shootout etc.

  • Spamming music or voice in-game to annoy or distract other players.

  • Traffic zones – These are placed down to stop or slow down traffic at an active Emergency situation this means to stop and wait till the scene is cleared or turn around and find another safe route these show as white circles on the map they are not there for you to see where “action” using them to interject into RP will see you receiving a strike.

  • Please do not force yourself into other players RP let it happen naturally ie: If someone is being dealt with by Police and you have no reason to be there do not interfere move on with your own RP away from the scene.

  • Modding will see you banned with no second chances.

  • Exploits – Please report. Exploiting may result in punishment or permanent removal.

7. Mature Content

  • 18+ content is used throughout the city. Be respectful to community members, NO MEANS NO! ANY form of sexual harassment will not be tolerated. NO rape or overly erotic RP, NO RPing a person under 18, NO suicide RP, Disabilities RP or other discriminatory RP.

  • You may play here if you are under 18 but we expect a level of respect and maturity for all of our players and the server as a whole.

  • Extra curricular activities must be done in private housing not in public whatsoever.

  • You must remain clothed at all times, While yes we have certain naked body parts they are purely for use with certain clothing not to walk around naked.

8. Fear RP/Valuing Life

  • You must value your life and others at all times just like you would in real life.

  • When faced with the threat of dying you should look at this as the same as real-life you are mortal you have one life gun to your head for your wallet you would hand it over.

  • Taken hostage you need to do what they say your goal needs to be making it out alive.

  • When taken hostage/arrested you must Rp as you have no coms if they are taken from you mute your discord and discontinue all coms.

  • You are not superman you cannot 1v6.

9. KTG Life Rule

  • Each time you are fully downed (Die) you are “killed” out of that individual RP that led to your “death” this means the previous up to 30 mins of the past events within the hostile RP are to be forgotten.

  • NLR is only for hostile RPs not if you accidentally crash your bike and go down. Of course if you wish to RP memory loss that is perfectly fine but it is not forced.

  • When downed and you receive medical treatment from an on-duty paramedic/Police or you are taken to a hospital by someone you may remember your past RP BUT we ask that you take into consideration the injuries you sustained and be groggy and forgetful not just remember everything bit by bit.

  • The time between you being downed and waiting for alpha you are unable to remember or use any of the information you hear or see as technically you are unconscious and will not be able to hear and see anything regardless of whether you are revived or not.

Can my friend tell me what happened?

Of course if they clearly saw it happen, It is up to you if you wish to take that information on board, Personally I would suggest not always investigating your forgotten RPs even if you are told what happened and to make sure the person who told you 100% knows that in character, not hearsay.

Can I use my “bodycam” to go back and see what happened to me?


Can a body be moved after being down?

No, The body must stay where the downing happened the only way a body can be moved is if they are found (Legitly within RP) by friends, Police,Fire or paramedics.

Can I flex my G muscle to notify the paramedics after my phone and radio have been physically confiscated?

No, You must be found (Legitly within RP) by friends, police or paramedics.

  • You can not block medical attention from Police/Paramedics you should be far away by that point anyway.

  • Please do not use this as an RP blocking/ending RP tool. Not every hostile RP needs to end in the use of the KTG NLR.

  • Please do not use this as a tool to exclude and block Police out of investigative RP by ending every RP with them using this rule. (Abuse with the Police and this rule will see the Police exempt from this rule which no one wants)

  • This rule is not a guideline for how your RP should go. Purposely using this rule to “wipe” someone from an RP is classed as Power gaming. RP should naturally go this way if it makes sense.

  • If you are “downed” you must not re-enter that Rp for 30 mins.DO NOT come back to the scene this goes for the Police as well. Even for something as simple as returning to get your vehicle is a no.

  • If downed & revived by Paramedics you must complete medical RP and go to the hospital (Paramedics are the only ones who can decide whether you go to the hospital or not ) and not rejoin the RP for 30 mins. This goes for Police too.

  • Pronouncing yourself dead, If you pronounce yourself dead at a scene you will be permanently killing off your character entirely your character will be wiped on the database

10. Role-Playing Injuries

  • Use common sense, role play your injuries as if you’d experience them in real life – please be respectful.

  • The health bar is not an indication of your injuries if you are shot 3 times but your health bar has not decreased this does not mean you are uninjured

  • RP out your injuries whether it be laying down or crouching after a crash leaning against a wall or limping you MUST show signs of being hurt, our F3 Menu has a great selection of emotes to assist with your RP injuries, please use appropriately.

  • If you are revived by a Paramedic please do not just walk off like you have finished, The RP continues on, Spend some time explaining your injuries or time in the hospital, etc (Remember the emergency services want RP too)

  • Wearing a bulletproof vest is not a way to avoid injury you must still RP out your injuries

  • DO NOT combat log or alpha ambo to avoid waiting out the respawn timer or medical RP with the ambos.

  • If you have a high-speed crash please do not just keep driving you would be hurt RP it out even if it’s just sitting on the side of the road for 5 mins.

11. Power Gaming

  • Spam emoting ie prone or anything similar in combat is a no no.

  • Using controlled RP, or extra functionality to gain advantages in RP.

  • Using any form of motorbikes inside of a building (ie- using a motorbike in a store robbery)

  • Using your friends as hostages is a no no it is RP please find a random person to take hostage.

  • Using V menu (F1) in any RP scenario is not acceptable ie: Switching seats in a police car while you are handcuffed for example.

  • Using /do in a way that makes no sense in RP to gain control of the situation And ultimately win, ie: “/do break handcuffs.” Or “/do tears through rope ties to pull a hidden weapon.

  • Using a known bug or issue in your advantage to win a scenario. (This includes emote use) Example being- A bike is bugged and is going much faster than its meant to be so you use it to get away from police.

  • Using knowledge of the rules to stop, avoid, or manipulate an RP.

  • Driving a vehicle while cuffed.

  • Carrying while cuffed.

  • Combat logging (logging out/removing internet then rejoining) to avoid respawn timer or RP will result in strikes.

12. Meta-Gaming

  • Using the info you have gained out of character for an in-character benefit.

  • Whether this is knowledge gained from a stream a discord call/message or a story from someone else OOC it was not learnt in-game so you must not use it to benefit your character

  • Using a Twitch stream to find the streamer in-game.

  • Calling for backup while being held at gunpoint without transmitting through in-game voice.

  • Discord tags are not for you to use in-game if you know a person is a part of something purely because of discord tags this is meta-gaming.

  • Using in-game comms channels to know who is in what group or a groups name or colour.

13. Exploiting

  • Using bugs, or additional features to obtain in-game perks, inventories, cash, etc…

  • Transferring assets between characters.

  • Using a job menu action in an inappropriate roleplay scenario. Example: mechanics repairing a vehicle while in pursuit.

  • Duplicating weapons, cash and inventory.

14. Realistic Roleplay

  • Roleplay your scenarios as you would experience it out of the game.

  • Keep your driving as realistic as possible ie: sports cars or road bikes do not go up mountains.

  • All MOTORBIKES DIRT/ROAD are NO LONGER to be used in bank robberies & heists (Armourguards)

  • Realistic injuries – if you are in an accident, roleplay your injuries. Fear of Life – You wouldn’t approach a known criminal or dangerous area

  • Selling Police weapons will see you banned.

  • If you see a door and it says locked but it looks open you need to RP the door is locked.

  • If you find a building that is locked and you don't know what it is chances are it's not for you to know so don't worry about that. Example Money washing.

  • Hitman RP=No.

Extra Things To Know

  • Whitelist – The whitelist tag can only be obtained by the recruitment team, They offer Whitelist to community members seen to create great RP, follow the rules at all times & be helpful to all people in the city/Discord. You cannot apply for Whitelist,Recruitment team meet often to bring names forward for Whitelist.

  • Job apps on the website

  • Concerns/Issues– Keep it out of game, take it to discord, Bring to admins, keep it civil and make it a conversation, not an argument.

  • Use Logical Thinking – Where do I get money out from? Where do I buy food? Well, where do you get money out from IRL?

  • Be prepared to lose certain situations you may not always be in control.

  • Advertising – We are happy for you to share your Twitch or other social media platforms at your own expense. Just do not share your own server! Stick with Koala Tea gaming content only.

  • In-game ads are strictly for businesses.

  • Player wills must be organised with the character you are making the will for and with an in-game lawyer. These must be created a month (IRL) before your perma. The cost (Lawyer fees, Car contracts) is to be covered by your character and all of the transfer of items must be done by the lawyer in-game and not involve any dev assistance at all. No transfers between you and your new character.

  • You may only have two player run business jobs across your three character slots & may only have one of those being a management position. You may only hold one emergency job role across all characters unless you are staff or given permission.

  • Flopping (U) during RP is you saying you are down and out of the hostile part of the RP, Please do not get up after "flopping" and reengage.

  • Gang RP - Only our verified/trial gangs are allowed to rep a colour turf and name in KTG.

  • Hostile friend group RP is limited to a set 6, Hostile being criminal activity (Banks, robberies etc).

  • Gang apps can be found on the website, It is very difficult to obtain verified gang status within KTG so please only apply if you are serious. We do not accept gangs who are successful on other servers you must prove yourself within RP in KTG.

It is against FiveM TOS and KTG rules to sell/purchase anything in-game for IRL money this will result in a perm ban and and no appeal If you are willing to risk our server for your own financial gain you are not welcome here.

Rules are subject to change at Admin discretion at any time. Last Updated 16/12/2023

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