Server Subscriptions

As Koala Tea Gaming continues to grow and thrive, the support of its dedicated players and enthusiasts becomes essential in sustaining its development, maintaining high-quality resources, and ensuring seamless gaming experiences. Contributing to Koala Tea Gaming is entirely voluntary, allowing individuals to support in ways that align with their interests and abilities. By subscribing to Koala Tea Gaming, you not only enhance your own gaming experience but also play a vital role in nurturing a lively and engaging gaming community for all players to enjoy.

Why Support Koala Tea Gaming?

  • Cover server upkeep expenses and maintenance.

  • Custom developer tools and scripting.

  • Enhancing your RP experience through extra perks.

Patreon Tiers

  • Discord tag (Showing you as a supporter)

  • Exclusive Patreon chat in Discord

  • Priority access to the server (Priority level 20)

How to Subscribe

Visit our Patreon page for more information on how to subscribe to Koala Tea Gaming,


  • ALL additional character slots due to supporter roles will not be replaced if you stop supporting and items will be lost. If you resume your support role, you will regain the lost character and associated items.

  • ALL perk access will be lost if you no longer support that tier.

  • Cancellation of your subscription is your responsibility, and refunds will not be provided.

  • Patreon tiers are subject to change at any given time.

Patreon Discord Roles

How do I link my Discord account to Patreon?

If you need to create a Discord account, we will guide you through that during this process:

  1. Log in to your Patreon account

  2. Click on Settings from the left side menu

  3. Click on More and then Connected Apps from the menu bar

  4. Click on Discord and then click the Connect button

  5. Enter the email address or phone number you use to log in with Discord and your password and click the Login button

  6. Click the Authorize button

  7. You've successfully linked Discord to Patreon! You may need to refresh the page

Additional assistance is available on the following link:

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